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Acupressure is an ancient healing art that helps to release tension and improve the flow of energy in the body. It is based on the Chinese meridian system — the same one used in acupuncture.

Acupressure treatments are performed by trained practitioners who can find and address imbalances in the meridian system and restore harmony in both physical and emotional health. Acupressure is administered by applying pressure with the fingers on specific points for healing benefits. Pressure can range from gentle to firm depending upon what the body requires.

#1 A More Youthful Appearance

The body’s natural vitality is refreshed and preserved when there is a healthy flow of chi through the meridians. This contributes to fewer wrinkles and a healthy, glowing look to the skin. Acupressure in the facial area also reduces tension that can otherwise make you look tired and aged.

#2 Better Posture

Acupressure is excellent for the back and spine. With the release of tension and pain, posture naturally improves.

#3 Pain Relief

Stagnant energy can also contribute to chronic pain. With blockages removed, pain is often reduced dramatically.

#4 Improved Circulation

Just like massage, one of the benefits of acupressure is better circulation. However, this applies not just to blood flow but also to the body’s flow of “chi,” or life force energy.

#5 Stronger Immune System

With a better flow of energy in the body and less stress and tension, the immune system naturally benefits. This, in turn, helps to body to ward off illnesses and invaders.

#6 Processing Trauma

The body often stores components of emotional traumas in the body. This can manifest as physical pain and blockages in the meridian system. An acupressure treatment can address these issues and allow the body to release painful energies. Past experiences can be processed so that their memories no longer hold an uncomfortable “charge.”

#7 Better Emotional Health

Blocked energy in the meridians can also lead to (and be caused by) emotional problems or traumas. Acupressure helps get the energy moving again as blocks are cleared.

#8 Better Sex

Acupressure can even improve your sex life by optimizing circulation and body chemistry. With fewer aches, pains and stresses, this area of life is naturally improved.

With regular treatments, balance to the body, mind and spirit is restored. Go ahead and give acupressure a try!

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