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The world we live in today can be extremely stressful. There are even studies which show that stress can lead to a litany of health issues, including heart disease, dementia, and even diabetes. The mind and body connection is a powerful force. The Mayo Clinic even suggests that chronic stress is a bigger indicator of future health problems than many other risk factors. So what should you do in a day to reduce those red-flag stress levels? Rituals that you do on a regular basis can easily become a habit, which can lead to less stress building up in your life. Here are some ways you can factor relaxation rituals into your day for significant health benefits.

Slip Into Something Cozy

Cozy clothing to wear around your home is essential. This is a concept the Danish people call “hygge.” The act of having comfort all around you can lead to a more relaxed state. Soft, plush robes and sandals are a part of this idea that can help you relax. Even a sumptuous throw blanket on your couch can help you snuggle up with a good book to take your mind off a lifestyle that’s taxing you.


Meditation is something you can do on a daily basis to center and calm yourself. Focus on a quiet place, deep breathing, and tuning out stressors. No smartphones allowed! This is a time solely for you to bring a moment of peace and block out negative emotions. Mindful meditation even for just 20 minutes per day can do wonders for your spirit and your ability to relax.

Soothe Your Senses

Herbal wraps and eye packs are based on soothing your senses and rejuvenating your body. They can be aromatherapy, filled with essential oils and herbs like lavender or chamomile that can de-stress and calm you. Plus, eye packs can also reduce a pounding tension headache or ease puffy eyes.

Escape with a Hot Bath

Bathing can be the ultimate way to step outside of your worries and clear your mind, melting away tenseness in your body. Make sure you have fragranced bath oils that you love, candles, and soak for at least 20-30 minutes for the best relaxation benefits.

Sip Some Hot Herbal Tea

Have a cup of tea instead of your regular coffee to relax. Herbal tea in flavors like chamomile, lemon balm, and honey lavender are geared towards relaxation and stress relief. Even the ritual of making tea can be very calming. Engage all your senses in the preparation. Breathe deeply while waiting for the water to boil. Take in the fragrance of the steeping tea leaves. Inhale the aroma while you sip and feel the warmth of the mug. All of this surrounding the tea experience can be very helpful in calming down a harsh day.

Get a Massage

Massage is a perfect way to relax. It allows you to step outside of your life for a little while and focus on your body. How does your body feel? Are your shoulders practically pressed up to your ears because you are holding yourself so tightly wound? If you are getting a massage, the goal is to relax and soothe away possibly painful areas in your body that are tied up in knots or holding onto stress.

Regular practice with relaxation rituals can truly bring about more quiet and peacefulness to your life. Less stress, as a result, will set you up for better health, which is a benefit you can’t put a price on.

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