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Imagine walking through your front door and experiencing the same relaxing aaaaaaahhh feeling you'd get at a spa. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Here are a few tips to turn your home into a serene and healthy haven:

Leverage Good Smells

There’s no reason you should have to head to a baker or a florist shop to get that yummy smell fix. Instead, use natural scents at home to boost your mood. Lavender oil is shown to calm the body and mind, while orange is energizing, and cinnamon gives you a flush of happiness that takes you back to childhood holidays. Put some oil in a warmer or light a stick of incense, per your preference.

Maintain Outer Order for Inner Calm

Numerous studies have shown that a decluttered environment leads to greater serenity than a messy space. Institute an ordered system in which everything has its place, then do a daily tidy up to return all items to their homes.

Practice the One-Minute Rule

Furthering your outer order is the One-Minute Rule: Anything that takes less than one minute to do should be done immediately. Say goodbye to that stack of paperwork and those un-rinsed dishes!

Switch Out Those Bulbs

Brighter bulbs might seem practical, but not at the expense of your daily well-being. Brighter lights can increase anxiety, and at night, they keep your body from entering sleepy-time mode, leading to insomnia. Switch fluorescents out for incandescent bulbs, 60W or less. Or go the environmental route and get yellow CFLs instead of the blinding white version. There are other options as well, including LED bulbs specially formulated for nighttime, which keep the lights on while allowing your body to produce melatonin for a good night's sleep.

Cultivate a Spa-Worthy Pantry

One of the loveliest things about a spa day is the light, clean food and drink. Keep a pitcher of cucumber-mint water in the fridge at all times. Maintain a steady supply of edamame and seafood in the freezer, lentils and quinoa in the cupboard and fresh fruit on the sideboard. Your brain, and your mood, will thank you!

It’s not always easy to set a serene tone for productive days and relaxing nights, but with these tips in your arsenal, you have a much better chance!

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