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Cailyn Star Wave Mattalic Tint

03 Electra
04 Vega
05 Spica
06 Bellatrix
07 Andromeda
08 Cassiopeia
09 Draco
10 Lacerta
11 Polaris
12 Sirius
01 Deneb
02 Aquila


Apply layer of shimmery wave of liquid stars on your lips! CAILYN Star Wave Mattalic Tint is high impact long lasting metallic gloss with state of the art metallic pigments that shine glamorously without feathering or fading. Like liquid gold, this amazing metallic tint will apply smoothly, but once dried, it will stay on lips with never ending shimmer of bright stars. Achieve luscious, sparkling lips with 12 gorgeous shades of CAILYN Star Wave Mattalic Tint.

Features and Benefits

  • High impact color
  • Metallic finish
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Glamourous metallic pigments
  • No feathering or fading
  • Usage

    Using built-in lip gloss applicator, apply CAILYN Star Wave Mattalic Tint evenly onto lips. Wear as it is, or apply second layer to achieve even greater shimmery look.

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