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Cirépil Forte


Best for oily skin, Forte strip wax provides superior results on coarse, resistant hair on larger areas of the body (legs, arms, backs, and chest). Apply as thin as possible and remove with non-woven strip. Unscented. NOTE: Cirépil recommends the Melting Pot (C723T) for the proper use of their wax. It does fit the Clean + Easy Warmer (C592T) with a little room to spare. It also fits the Double Wax Heater with lids (C681T) but it is a snug fit. Cirépil wax does not fit any of the Amber warmers or the Depilève Deluxe Warmer (C2467T).

Features and Benefits

Ideal for large areas of the body (legs, arms, chest, and back) and for oily skin types and coarse, resistant hair.


Apply as thinly as possible and remove with Cirépil Non Woven Strips (C2503T).


Glyceryl Rosinate, Triethylene Glycol (TEG), Rosinate, Mineral Oil.

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