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Intrinsics 4" x 4" Esthetic Wipes 200 Pc.


Intrinsics® Silken™ Wipes are ideal for facial cleansing, extractions, nail wipes, and cleaning instruments. Non-linting and non-woven material is a soft, absorbent blend of fibers. These wipes hold up well in wet or dry conditions. The 2” x 2” 4-ply opens to a 4” x 4” single ply wipe. The 4" x 4" 4-ply wipe opens to an 8" x 8" single ply wipe. Medical grade. 200 count.

Features and Benefits

- Soft and absorbent. - Made from an absorbent blend of absorbent and wicking fibers using a nonwoven process. - 4-ply. - Medical grade. - Opens to an 8"" x 8"" single ply wipe.


Can be used for: - Any facial/body/skin service. - Surface or instrument wipe.

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