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Plum Smooth Waxing Trial Kit


Plum Smooth waxing products are high quality and economical! But don’t listen to us—sample them for yourself. This one time only purchase allows you to not only try the Plum Smooth line but to also provide your clients with a first-class waxing experience. The following are included: Sweet Plum Soft Wax/16 oz. can (PSW320), Plum Bare Stripless Wax/16 oz. can (PSW3062), 50-pack Wax Warmer Collars (PSW2641), 10-pack Hard Wax Tabs (PSW2637), Plumb Calm/4 oz. (PSW3182), Plumb Numb/1 oz. (PSW316), Plumb Genius/3.38 oz. (PSW317)

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