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Rubis 3.75" Slanted Tweezers


The Rubis 3.75” Slanted Tip Tweezer is an all-purpose tweezer with an angled tip. More than 60 years ago Outils Rubis manufactured their first tweezers for the Swiss watch industry. Only the most precise instruments of the highest quality could be used to assemble delicate mechanical clockworks. Hence, a tradition of craftsmanship with a keen awareness of functional precision and aesthetic form was developing that all along has also been a virtue of Swiss watch producers. Made from the highest quality anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel. Each implement goes through a 40 step hand finish process with the final step done under a microscope to guarantee perfect tip alignment. Made in Switzerland.

Features and Benefits

- Crafted from anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel. - All-purpose tweezer with an angled tip.


An all-purpose tweezer with an angled tip.

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